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Second Grade Child Find 2017-18 

Second Grade is a very important year in terms of the Enrichment program.  All second grade students are screened for possible inclusion in the Enrichment pull-out program which begins in third grade

During the first semester of the school year, second grade teachers and I collaborate and work with students on activities which elicit and encourage: creativity, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and a variety of other gifted behaviors which indicate a potential need for inclusion in the Enrichment program.

Students who demonstrate above average ability in academic subjects, leadership, and creativity will continue in the assessment/evaluation process during the second semester of the school year.  Those students who qualify and have parental permission participate in what's known as Talent Pool, or the pull-out Enrichment program work on projects above and beyond the scope of the regular third grade classroom. Units of study are based on interest and ability and are concept-based.